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Soil improver compost

Here at Cheshire turf growers we have tried, tested and perfected all our growing mediums until they are perfect for the jobs we say they're good for! Our Lawn Soil is finely screened to 10mm. It contains washed fine sand and organic compost to create a easy to rake and level soil which is packed with goodness that slowly releases to keep your new lawn well fed without the need of using chemical fertilisers

Cheshire Lawn Soil is ideal for new lawns and seeding projects as it is the perfect growing medium for your new lawns. It creates a firm base for any new lawn but does not compact too solid so the plant roots can continue to grow. This is a common fault to most lawns. The soil you lay or seed your lawn is the key ingredient to a successful garden!

Cheshire Lawn soil slowly releases key nutrients over time so you lawn keeps a lush dark green appearance for years to come!. Giving you a beautiful landscape that will last for years to come.


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fr £62 / m2
Qty *bulk bag contains 1000 Litres when packaged

Pre Lawn Fertiliser 50m2 Pack only + £9.99
50 Square Metres of Lawn Seed + £19.99

Bulk Orders: over 250m2 call for discount on 0151 701 0977. Discount available for landscapers and regular users!
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