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Luxury Sports Turf is a hardwearing low maintenance family lawn, which is ideal for front and back gardens. It is low maintenance and good value for money. 

Cheshire Turf Growers Luxury Sports Turf is a blend of durable rye grasses with fescue's to provide a hardwearing and dense sward which is commonly used on front and back, family lawns were children and pets will often use the area.

Luxury Sports Turf is our most commonly used turf on playing fields and sports surfaces. For this reason we recommend this turf for family and pets that require the toughest lawn available!

Luxury Sports Turf is also extremely good drought tolerant areas once established and can go through long periods without watering. Ideally Luxury Sports Turf grows better in open sun throughout the day, but can handle shade of up to 30%. If you have a mostly shaded garden we would recommend our ShadeMaster Turf.

Luxury Sports Turf prefers to be maintained at a higher mowing height of 1” or above and does not like being cut too short. If your lawn does happen to grow more than 3 inches you should make sure that you slowly reduce the height over a period of weeks, taking no more than 1 inch off at a time. Allowing the lawn to recover before taking more length off can cause the lawn to become stressed and cause thinning of the lawn, allowing air bound weeds to establish.

This lawn turf is our most poplar selling turf due to it being able to withstand constant foot traffic from children playing and family pets.

Need your new lawn installing?  With 50 years of experience we offer a nationwide installation service with a fast turn around from booking your new lawn to be installed to completion. Call us today and speak to one of our lawn installation team for a free quote.

Soil Type: Like any turf, Luxury Sports Turf must be laid onto a high quality growing medium as the success and failure to any lawn starts from the roots up. The single most important factor in establishing a new lawn is the soil. If the soil is not prepared properly, even the highest quality turf will have a difficult time establishing itself.  Laying new turf on poor soil will result in a lawn with a shallow root system needing increasing amounts of water and fertilizer. For a healthy lawn you need a quality soil which doesn't compact too dense, as it restricts healthy young roots growing deep into the soil. You also want quality organic matter to slowly release goodness to your new lawn for years to come and a sandy structure to allow your lawn to drain well. If you are unsure on the type of soil you have contact one of our experts on 0151 701 0977 and we can guide you through what type of soil you have and what is the best way to improve your soil structure, if you are replacing your lawn, what are the issues and why are you replacing it in the first place? as just replacing your lawn could result in the same issues!

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