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Soil improver compost

Cheshire Growers Soil Improver is great with your native soil to improve poor soil conditions. This proven Soil Improver includes no harmful synthetic chemicals. Creating a better environment for plant growth and health. The beauty of Soil Improver is that it works on anything from lawns, trees to shrubs and bulbs to veggies. In addition to loosening clay soils for better drainage, Soil Improver provides a great top dressing around established plants to give them more vitality and vigor.

Soil Improver will improve the quality of almost any soil and for this reason it is most often considered a soil conditioner. Compost improves the structure and texture of the soil enabling it to better retain nutrients, moisture and air for the betterment of plants. Soil Improver can be used as a mulch on borders and tubs, soil improver, potting mix and for planting trees.



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fr £64 / m3
Qty *bulk bag contains 1000 Litres when packaged

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Bulk Orders: over 250m2 call for discount on 0151 701 0977. Discount available for landscapers and regular users!
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